Master the Basketball Fundamentals

Master the Basketball Fundamentals

Basketball Trainers need to focus on basketball fundamentals first

What makes basketball so unique is there no offensive position or defensive position all players have to be able to play both offense and defense. Our Biggest motivation here at KT is confidence and more confidence. As High level coaches, Trainers and former players on staff we all know that once you can get a youth basketball player to believe in themselves the sky is the limit. The coolest moments is when we can give the athlete the foundational principles and we see them put the time in on their own and reap the benefits.

No Matter the age or skill level at our summer camps, basketball skills academies, travel basketball  teams we look to master the fundamentals, and as we perfect those drills we move on. This time of the year is very important to focus on skill training, this is the time when average players become great. Over the summer and fall is the time as a player you don’t have to focus primarily on school you can perfect your craft.

The most important basketball fundamentals to focus on:

  1. Footwork- We start with footwork because at all levels the best players have the best foot work. Footwork helps you on offense and defense
  2. Layups- Most important all basketball player has to make Layups, and once you master basic Layups there’s many layers you can add
  3. Shooting Form– Every coach loves a kid that can shoot, shooting takes repetition. Some of the best shooters ever like Ray Allen is always spending countless hours working on perfectionist his form.
  4. Ball Handling– No matter your size or position the better control you have of the ball the more valuable you are as a player and the less likely you are to turnover the ball. Coaches hate turnovers
  5. Passing– Perfecting basic passing Chest,Bounce, overhead. Every player loves playing with great passers
  6. Athleticism– Athletic skills like running, jumping, landing, skipping, moving laterally, squat, lunging. All play a big role in being a good offensive and defensive player..

If you need help getting to the next level and need basketball training or just want to join our travel team use the links below:

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