KT Kings very own Jamiro Smith

KT Kings very own Jamiro Smith

Jamiro’s Basketball Training at KT Kings takes him to Jr. NBA

The KT Kings very own Jamiro Smith placed amongst the top 3 at the local Jr NBA basketball challenge. This win earned him an invitation to the Jr. NBA regional basketball challenge in Atlanta, GA. This opportunity allowed Jamiro to be introduced to some very influential people within the NBA and Jr. NBA organization.

This experience has now motivated Jamiro, he knows as he quickly approaches his 10th birthday that he must work harder to achieve his dream of playing basketball professionally.

The KT Kings is a huge part of his life being that his dad coaches, trains, and also oversees the elementary division. Jamiro is a kid that you will find working hard at practice, training and committed to developing his game on his own and through Kingdom Training skills Academy and Kingdom Training Summer Camps.

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