KT Bigger than Basketball “Press Break”

KT Bigger than Basketball “Press Break”

Basketball Training For Communication

We at KT believe that communication is a foundational skill that all athletes and people should have. One of the most important examples I have had of that is working along side some of the best NBA players in the world and to see how great they communicate verbally and non verbally. By words, facial expressions, handshakes, and celebrations.We see guys like Lebron James not only communicate throughout the whole game but after a win or loss go and give effective interviews. So Coach J decided to put a training session together we call “Press Break” where we would teach and prepare our guys to learn to effectively communicate. By simulating NBA style Pre game, half-time, and Post Game interviews.

Being able to communicate makes for a better team and also gives confidence to the best players and also those who may lack skill set. Communication is something we all need to become comfortable with, and starting at a young age just getting the repetition of doing it over and over again , will give them the confidence they need to be a great communicator. Being that basketball is just a tool that prepares you for life,  we want all of our student athletes to be comfortable in this process because one day they will be interviewed for a job or because of their accomplishments in sports and we are here to put them in a position to be successful, that’s why we are KINGS!

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