Basketball Development is a MAJOR KEY!

Basketball Development is a MAJOR KEY!

Basketball Development is a MAJOR KEY! 

Basketball at every level basketball is progressive. You have the power to change the player you are today by the hard work and training you put in. This is the biggest reason you see some of the best players in the world( Lebron James, Stephen Curry, etc.) even at the highest point of their careers continuing to work extremely hard. 

I’ve noticed Basketball development for basketball players on a youth level is overlooked in travel sports, as they tend to put more time into playing games. Every coach and/or team is looking for the elite player or players, but not willing to put the time in or have the PATIENCE to develop the elite player. One of my biggest passions is taking players that don’t have much skill, but they have the potential, heart, desire and work ethic – turning them into high level players.

At Kingdom Training, we have what we call our Gold Team and our Black teams. Gold is more of a developmental team that focus on local tournaments and allows guys to gain experience and spend more time developing than playing. Black team – are players that have prior travel basketball experience and are more comfortable with the rigors of traveling the state and country and the pressures of competing at the highest level. Doing this we have seen great results! We run our gold team similar to the way the NBA has used the “NBA D League” (Developmental League).

We monitor athletes on both teams, if or when we notice players developing at a quick rate and/or working very hard , we will move them up to the Black team. We have seen players from the Gold teams step up and help win games for the black team at some nationally recognized tournaments, because their confidence was high and they felt equipped for the battle! Development is a Major Key!! 

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