basketball after school programs

After School Programs

We are proud to have our basketball After School programs represented in schools throughout South Florida. We are well aware of the unpleasant issues that go on in schools like bullying, isolation, childhood obesity and the lack of communication skills. We decided to become a part of the solution! Our in-school and after school programs includes a one-hour basketball training session for elementary and middle school students. The schools and organizations that we are currently partnered with have seen a major change within their student body. Some of the changes have included: a change in self-esteem, attitude, leadership, ability to work in teams and overall healthier student inside and out, which has resulted in an improvement in the classroom. If you are interested in our after school basketball programs and want to have us at your school or want to join us at one of the schools below please contact us for basketball after school programs.

 Our Objectives / Goals:

  •  Maximize potential
  • Increase Motor Skills
  • Fight obesity
  • Promote a healthier more confident athlete
  • Help develop leadership characteristics
  • Exhibit sportsmanship 
  • Develop self-esteem
  • Increase speed and agility
  • Improve balance and coordination

We are not only trainers, but more importantly mentors and role models who encourage high character both on and off the basketball court!

After School Basketball Training

At Kingdom Training, we have a passion for training groups. It is essential as a young generation that we teach children to work and communicate effectively. We accomplish these goals by implementing specific skill development exercises, and team building drills that require each child to work together as one. Training is done on a group basis for 1 hour per session.We create innovative and exciting drills to make each and every training session unique and different from the previous lesson.

“Building Champions”

Our Basketball After School programs in the Florida area